Thailand Land and House for Sale- Great for Kids or a Big Family

You should buy this property because it is a great place to raise kids.

Butterfly Hunter in Woods Behind Property

Our 9 acre (20 rai) estate in the rolling hills of Loei Thailand is a great place for kids. A quiet, green place for kids to grow up. A place to hunt butterflies. A place to collect insects. A place for young girls to be protected and grow flowers or vegetables.  A place to play with a dog. A place for riding your ATV or exploring the neighboring woods. Just a place for kids to have fun being kids.

Our Loei land and house for sale is reasonably priced when you consider other properties around Thailand and around the world. In fact, it is priced less than even the neighboring properties. Two adjoining properties are also for sale. One, 10 rai for 500,000 Baht per rai; and the other, 22 rai for 750,000 Baht per rai.

The Stone Mountain Estate is priced at 16,000,000 baht, which breaks down to 500,000 baht per rai, plus a house and additional 2 buildings valued at 6,000,000 baht. A small project house on a small lot in Loei runs for 6,000,000 baht. And here, you get a lot more, a house almost double the size of a Loei project house.

So, like the song says…”grab the old ladies and pack up the babies and everyone go”…to Stone Mountain in Loei Thailand. A great place for a family and kids. And plenty of land for expansion!!

A few more pictures…Click on picture to make bigger!!

A Quiet Place for Thinking

A lot of Green…A lot of Nature!!