20 Rai Loei Thailand Land and House 500,000 per Rai

A Great Investment for a Thai family

20 rai land loei thailand 450,000 per rai water, electric. chanote, square shaped property with 150 meters road frontage
20 rai Beautiful Hill top Land for You in Loei Thailand… the most beautiful province in Thailand

500,000 baht per rai, plus new house @ 6,000,000 baht = 16,000,000 baht total


800,000 baht per rai (free house, caretaker cottage, garden shed)= 16,000,000 baht

As the price of land in Thailand has gone up, many middle class Thais can no longer afford to buy plots in their homeland. We offer an excellent investment property for a large Thai family. Why is this a good investment? Because soon there will be another flood in Bangkok and prices of land in the northern provinces of Thailand will go up again. Plus the Thai government is promoting trade and travel between Loei and Laos. This will further make Loei and attractive investment. There are few quality houses for sale in Loei at this time, almost none. The only “project homes” in Loei are selling for 6,000,000 baht on a small plot. For a little more than twice that price, you can have a much larger home on a beautiful hilltop property. With a lot of land to build other houses for your family, or to build a business, factory, and many other uses. So if you are looking for high quality investment property with chanote title, please consider our Land and house for sale with 20 rai land in the most beautiful province in Thailand: Loei.