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The property is shown by appointment only and will not be shown to people who happen by. You will need your passport or National ID card to view the property. Please call ahead for appointment. Many thanks.

See below to contact Seller by: (1) Email; (2) Phone; or (3) Fill out the Contact Form below

For International Callers, the Thai country code is 66, and the direct dial international phone numbers are: +66-92-730-4333  and +66-88-561-5035

อีเมล์:  Emailwpdrake

โทรศัพท์: ไทยและภาษาอังกฤษ: 092-730-4333





Or contact me direct:

Walter Drake
Post Office Box 50
Loei, 42000


Mobile Phone: 088-561-5035

Night sky

Red Sky over Stone Mountain, Loei Thailand
Red Sky over Stone Mountain, Loei Thailand